Ads.txt and App-Ads.Txt Manager

Streamline ads.txt update tasks. Ensuring your ads.txt is always up-to-date, prevent revenue Loss.

No coding changes

Not necessary going through the development and deployment cycle.

Manage at a central place

Manage ads.txt or app-ads.txt file at a central place, less communication and save your time. Create sub-accounts and share the permission with your customer or agency.

Validation, reversion and monitoring

Make the ads.txt change process easy, avoid mistakes and see the change logs

Whitelabel and domain branding

Use your own domain name ( to manage the ads txt file for all your clients.

Monitoring your demand partners

Make sure your client's ads.txt contain the correct line of your demand partners to avoid revenue loss.

Monitoring ads txt change logs for any website

You are able to monitor ads.txt file changes, errors even the file is not managed by ads.txt manager.

What is ads.txt?

The Interactive Advertising Bureau Tech Lab introduced ads.txt as a tool that can help ad buyers avoid illegitimate sellers who arbitrage inventory and spoof domains.

It is an IAB-approved text file that aims to prevent unauthorized inventory sales for programmatic advertising’s transparency.

What is app-ads.txt?

It is ads.txt for mobile apps to allow mobile app publishers to publicly declare the specific advertising parties which are authorized to sell their mobile advertising inventory.

How do ads.txt and app-ads.txt work?

It is plain text file hosted on publisher or mobile app developer's website to identify authorized sellers. Buyers that bid on the website's or app's inventory can use the ads.txt or app-ads.txt which is declared in order to verify that their impressions come from authorized sellers.

Why manage ads.txt and app-ads.txt with Manager?

It is a pain to manage and update ads.txt files for multiple websites or multiple customers. Ads.txt Manager enable you share the permission with your customers for their ads.txt asset. No delay and extra communication anymore.